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Colorize - Mobile APP for iOS and Android

Looking for the best picture colorizer apps on iOS and Android phones? Try our Apps - 'Colorize!' and colourize your old black and white pictures instantly. No Photoshop skills required and it is easiest way to neutralize the color for beginners. Download right now and use it for 100% free!

Search Colorize to download the App

We provide great features for you to restore old photos

Colorize is a mobile app on iOS and Android that you can scan and enhance old photos instantly


Based on AI technology, you can colorize the black and white photos on your mobile phones.


Colorize! is a great app to unblur and sharpen your old blurry pictures. Make old photo crisper!

Retouch Face

Colorize! app also includes powerful retouching technology to detect your face and retouch for better looking.

Restore old photos with 3 steps

With our powerful AI app, you can restore and bring new life to your old black and white pictures.

  • Install Colorize! app and upload. Search 'Colorize!' in GooglePlay and AppStore to download the app. Add one old picture you love.
  • Use the powerful features. We provide three main features. Colorize, Enhance, Retouch. Choose the best one for perfect end result.
  • Download in seconds. After uploading, your processed picture will be ready for downloading. Save it to your photo album.
colorize app screenshot

“ImageColorizer is an AI-driven cloud-based editing and graphic design tool. This platform features a wide range of tools that can give new life to your old and B&W images.”

Kate Gross Senior Editor from Fixthephoto

“The enhance option needs tweaking, but it’s alright. The colorization option is very good, it’s very easy to use and really fun! I hope this developer continues to improve its accuracy, it is a very good app!”

chillywillystyle User from AppStore

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