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Retouch | Restore old family photographs and retouch old portrait photos.

Enhance and restore face photos with the world's best deep learning technology.

Drop a file or paste the image

Original image will be resized to 800px before uploading. Sign up a free account to upload image up to 4000*4000

Bring blurred and low-resolution photos into clear focus

Enhance and restore face photos with the world's best deep learning technology.

AI Technology

Based on the AI technology, we train the system to colourize the black and white photos in only a few seconds.

Retouch the Face

Never so easy to retouch and enhance your ancestors' face. Get the best look with your old family pictures.

Privacy Protect

All uploaded items will be cleared every 24 hours. No photos will be stored and used for other purposes without your permission.

Trained for retouching and fixing old portrait pictures intelligently and naturally.

Face Retouch tool will help you to improve the quality of the badly faded portraits of ancestors. Optimize the skins, eyes and lips naturally.

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sample of face retouch

“ImageColorizer is an AI-driven cloud-based editing and graphic design tool. This platform features a wide range of tools that can give new life to your old and B&W images.”

Kate Gross Senior Editor from Fixthephoto

“The enhance option needs tweaking, but it’s alright. The colorization option is very good, it’s very easy to use and really fun! I hope this developer continues to improve its accuracy, it is a very good app!”

chillywillystyle User from AppStore

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